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Hi there! , welcome to your new Umbraco powered blog. Before you start posting away, there's a handful of things we thought you should know:

  1. There is a comprehensive and detailed usage and configuration manual, which covers everything about setting up this blog and about blogging in general

    Download the usage guide

  2. This package is open source and developement is community driven. So if you have an idea for improvement or wish to be a part of developing this package you should join the conversaion.

    Go to the Blog 4 Umbraco project page on

  3. You can change the appearance of this blog by changing the skin in the umbraco back-end. The skins are powered by the umbraco community. If you wish to do your own skin or just want to tweak the current one, you can find guidance in the skinners guide

    Download the skinners manual

  4. Chainging the skin is just the first step, everything is extendable and hackable. This blog uses open standards and follows umbraco best practices, so everything can be tweaked. Want to know how to get started? Ask the friendly community at

    Go to community

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